Int. Conf. on Nuclear Decommissioning (ICOND 2017)

The conference focuses on the relevant legal parameters in Germany. ICOND also compares the scope of the decommissioning task in Germany with that in other countries (e.g., South Korea); considers the roles of authorization, financial planning, and change management...

SOTA Workshop

In this state-of-the-art workshop the latest results from existing efforts by the partners will be discussed. Please follow the link above (click on title) for details and registration (only accessible for members of the project consortium)!

Euratom Fission Info Day 2017

This meeting will present the fission part of the Euratom Work Programme 2018 (call for proposals NFRP 2018), planned to be adopted by the Commission on 27 October 2017, as well as horizontal issues related to the implementation of the programme.


SAQ & SAR Meetings of the NUGENIA Technical Area 8 in Stockholm, Sweden.

MEACTOS Kick-Off Meeting

More information about the kick-off meeting is available following the link (click on the title above).