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Links to related EU-projects

INCEFA scale


Follow-up project of INCEFA+:

Safe Long-Term Operation of Light Water Reactors through the Improved Understanding of Radiation Effects – SOTERIA:
NUGENIA+ (7th FW programme)


NUGENIA+ project:


Links to related or collaborating organisations



The EC’s Horizon 2020 nuclear research and training programme – Euratom:


Nuclear Generation II & III Alliance – NUGENIA (inside SNETP):

EFC - WP 4

Working Party 4 ‘Nuclear Corrosion’ of the European Federation of Corrosion – EFC-WP4:

International Cooperative Group on Environmentally-Assisted Cracking of Water Reactor Materials – ICG-EAC, N.P.O.:

Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform – SNETP:


European Cooperative Group on Corrosion Monitoring of Nuclear Materials – ECG-COMON:


Other links

SCC high-temperature water testing guideline

A very comprehensive guideline on high-temperature water SCC testing (by P. Andresen et al.). This is a must to read for all newcomers to this field but also extremely useful for more experienced experimentalists! The document can be downloaded (free of charge) from EPRI.

Mobility Grants

EUROCORR Young Scientist Grant:


ENEN Mobility Grant:

Online Data & Information Network for Energy of the EC JRC – ODIN:
ODIN’s engineering database – MatDB:
World Corrosion Organization

World Corrosion Organisation:

International Atomic Energy Agency – IAEA:
Halden Reactor Project
Draft Euratom Work Programme 2018
The Euratom Work Programme 2018 can be downloaded from here and the website is the following:
NOMAD Horizon 2020 Project
Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) System for the Inspection of Operation-Induced Material Degradation in Nuclear Power Plants: