Gozd Martuljek together with the nearby Kranjska Gora resort and surrounding area offer enormous variety of activities that can be experienced during the summer. We made a list of several popular activities that fit into the free time slots between the morning and evening lectures together with the approximate price to assist in your decision. You are highly encouraged to take part in these activities! Maximum one activity per day can be selected. After checking out the options available, please fill out the form below as soon as possible, but no later than June 19!

The form below also includes reservation of a seat on the free airport shuttle on Sunday and a question about the Friday exercise. Therefore please also fill out this form if you do not plan to attend any leisure activities! Thank you!

If you bring an accompanying person, please fill out the form a second time for the accomp. person.

These activities are planned by the NuCoSS-19 organizers, not by the hotel, so no receipts can be issued! Payments have to be done at the beginning of NuCoSS-19 (on Sunday) at the reception/registration desk, only cash (Euros) is accepted!


Document with all leisure activities and some additional info:  Download ⇐ Please read this first!

Remark: For other information (e.g., travel info), please consult the main NuCoSS-19 website: link.


The form is closed now! If you still would like to register for some leisure activities you need to do this on-site on Sunday, when you pick up your name badge. But please note that it cannot be guaranteed that those activities are still available!

In case you still would like to reserve an airport transfer on Sunday, please directly contact the local host (nucoss@zag.si). But also here, a seat cannot be guaranteed anymore!